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Small Business Marketing Tools

We use these tools to help our clients hone in on their WHO (target audience), their WHY (best client's reason for doing business with you), and their WHAT and WHERE. Feel free to use them for your business. You can also subscribe to learn marketing tips and tricks for local businesses each week. Here.

Define your WHO

The first step in a Strategic Marketing Plan is to define your target audience. I call this your WHO. If you explain your WHO like this..."Anyone aged ___-___ that likes ____, your audience is too small. Use this worksheet to narrow it down and know exactly WHO you are marketing to.

Who Worksheet, Define your Target Audience tool
Why Worksheet, Define your USP tool

Define your WHY

Once you know your WHO, it is time to define your WHY. This is not why you are in the business you are in, it is actually the reason WHY your best customers choose to do business with you. This WHY Worksheet will help you define your business's Silver Bullet. This will inspire all of your marketing decisions, so make sure you get it right. 

should you advertise?

The whole point of advertising is to GET ATTENTION and then to KEEP ATTENTION. When getting attention, you have two purposes: branding or lead generation. This guide will help you decide where you should place your ads depending on your goal. 

Where should I advertise worksheet?
Get Attention Workbook Cover

Get Attention Marketing Handbook

This book is your guide to powerful marketing and will guide you step by step through the process of making your marketing plan. 

Emotional Words to Trigger Interest

Emotion + Relevance = Attention

Emotional Trigger Words worksheet
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