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Fix Your Homepage in 10 Easy Steps

Updated: May 15

The important ingredients of a successfull homepage.

The best websites follow the Story Brand approach based on the book, “Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller.” A great story has a Hero who has a problem. The Hero meets a Guide who has a solution to the problem. Many businesses make the mistake of making themselves the hero. The actual hero is your ideal client. Your business is the guide with the plan to solve your Hero’s problem. At Connection Media, we call your Hero your “WHO”. Your website should tell your WHO how you can help them. Create a desire to take action and to begin doing business with you. The following 10 steps, adapted for your unique business, are a great way to allow your website homepage to guide your WHO down the path to doing business with you.

  1. Show the HERO above the fold (the first thing you see when visiting the site)

    1. Your hero is your WHO (Ideal Customer).

    2. Don’t know your Hero? Use this free WHO Worksheet here.

    3. Your Hero has a problem that you solve (Demonstrate visually the problem or the solution).

    4. Make a super clear statement of your WHO’s “WHY”. Think of a WHY statement that states why your clients pick you over your competitors. Do not be cute or clever, be clear instead. On or below your image, make a clear statement of the value you bring. We call this statement your WHY statement. Make sure it makes sense without context and that it’s uniquely yours. If your competitors could use the same statement, it’s not unique enough.

  2. Your business is the GUIDE with the answers

    1. A guide has the solution to the problem(s).

    2. The solution relieves the pain or fulfills the desire.

    3. Use imagery or statements demonstrating what you do, or how you help your hero (WHO).

    4. This second section is where you focus on your company and what makes you great.

  3. Call to Action (Book Now, Buy Now, Order, Get Started, Work with Us, get an appointment)

    1. You should have calls to action and simple ways to get in contact with you spread throughout the homepage.

    2. Let people get in touch with you in any way they can.

      1. Have a clickable phone number. More than 60% of web traffic is mobile, which means some people will want to call you directly from your site. It’s best if they can just click your number.

      2. Also, web chat is the quickest-growing approach for clients to reach out and be in contact with your business. Make sure to add a web chat option.

      3. Form fills are also popular, so, have a contact form and make sure someone monitors the responses so you can get in touch with customers quickly. The more time that passes, between when a potential client calls and leaves a message, fills out a form or chat box, and when you reply, the lower your positive outcome ratio.

  4. Demonstrate or explain the cost of not using you as the guide. Basically, WHY YOU?

    1. Your competitors might provide a bad experience.

    2. They may have poor service.

    3. Explain the true cost of choosing someone else.

    4. Differentiate between your products and inferior options.

    5. What makes you special and better than the competition?

  5. How to Do Business with you

    1. Clearly list a 3-5 step super-simple process of how to do business with you.

    2. Add a visual representation (think infographic).

      1. Example 1

        1. Set an appointment

        2. Meet with an Expert

        3. Get Custom Quote

        4. Be Happy with the Result

      2. Example 2

        1. Pick your favorite color

        2. Add the features you want

        3. Add to cart and enter payment info

        4. We deliver in 3-5 days

      3. Adapt these 3 to 4 simple steps to your individual process.

  6. Repeat Your Call to Action (Book Now, Buy Now, Order, Get Started, Work with Us, get an appointment)

  7. Demonstrate credibility, expertise, and competency

    1. Testimonials

    2. Examples

    3. Proof of concept

      1. Examples of statements

  8. Throughout your homepage, state or demonstrate that you care about your customers and want to serve them well

  9. Provide more options (optional)

    1. Financing

    2. Other options

    3. Unique experiences

    4. Etc.

  10. Offer something of value to get them to subscribe to your email list in case now is not the time

    1. Free guide, whitepaper, something of value

    2. Build your email list and have a drip campaign to encourage the end result down the road.

      1. Book, buy, return

      2. Stay top of mind with ongoing value delivered via email.

This simple 10-step approach will greatly improve your homepage on your website. If you need help with this, Connection Media helps clients build website experiences that convert browsers into buyers. You can get a hold of us here.


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