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Same Time Every Day, Nothing Gets in the Way!

I met with my children last week and asked them to write out their goals.  It was such a fun exercise because my children surprised me with their excitement and earnestness in setting goals.  I had them watch this youtube video of Zig Ziglar talking about goals ( Then I asked them to take a piece of paper and break it into three sections Mind, Body and Spirit. Then I had them follow Zigs formula for setting goals which in simple terms is:

  1. Write it down

  2. Set a Date

  3. Identify Obstacles that might get in your way

  4. Identify People who can help you get your goal

  5. Determine what you need to learn or know to reach your goal

  6. Create a plan of action

  7. Figure out “WIIFM!” What is in it for me? Why do I Want this goal? What will it do for me?

Yesterday at dinner I asked my kids to report on how they were doing on their goals.  They were very cute when we set their goals and their goals ranged from being able to run faster, read better, read their scriptures and learn their time tables. With each of them we applied Zig’s formula and made a plan of action. As we talked I said they should work on their goals every day and not letting anything get in the way, having no excuses. One of my daughters said…


I realized she had taught me something awesome. If you want to master something, set a time every day for practice and do it.  Don’t let anything get in the way. My son for example is a great artist at only 12 years old. I included a drawing he made of his little brother about 6 months ago with this post. He draws every day. My daughter is learning the times tables in 3rd grade and we work on the flash cards every day. I read my scriptures every morning. It is a great lesson, SAME TIME EVERYDAY, NOTHING GETS IN THE WAY. Apply it in your life and you will succeed mind, body and spirit.


My eleven year old son drew this from the photo shown.

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