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Because I have always loved entrepreneurs, I have a strong desire to help them reach their goals and get what they need from their marketing, and thus, get what they want from their businesses. I know it can be a furstrating task. Money wasted on marketing is the most common concern I hear from business owners. They hate wasting money, because it literally takes money out of their family’s hands. Anything they spend that doesn't return on investment effects their personal lifestyle. I know this, because I am also a small business owner. 


During the pandemic, I came across a business opportunity that my oldest son and I purchased and started to run in our local market. It is a Roof Maxx dealership. I utilized my two decades of marketing knowledge to launch that business. We achieved more in our first year than many dealerships accomplished in their first three years. My son runs that business while I market it. The more success we had with our business, the more I wanted to help other business owners. I decided it was time to take a bigger role and help businesses achieve the results we were getting with Roof Maxx. We started selling additional marketing products so we could help our clients master the full suite of marketing, called omni-channel marketing, and Connection Media Co. was born. 


This booklet will help you unlock the secrets of effective marketing. It will allow you to launch your small business to greater heights and help you to become much more profitable. The more profit you achieve, the better your lifestyle will be. and that is what I want most for you. 

Get Attention Small Business Marketing Handbook

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  • This details the steps to create an effecive marketing plan for your small business. The guide has lessons as well as resources for you to use that will amplify your efforts and focus you on the things that will bring the best results fastest—at the least overall cost. 

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