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Ryan Spelts Bio

Ryan Spelts has spent 25 years in the trenches learning and developing skills in sales and marketing. As a small business owner, he is known for his expertise in helping businesses frame their marketing to sell. He has real-world knowledge of marketing strategies and tools because he uses them in his own businesses. He has also helped countless clients reach their true potential and grow their companies. With over $50 million in career sales, Ryan knows how to market and sell products and services; he helped one client achieve a $1 million day in sales.
Ryan's expertise lies in traditional, digital, social media, content, email, and video marketing. He is a highly skilled trainer and communicator, and is known for his ability to simplify complex marketing concepts and strategies into easy-to-understand language.

Ryan’s experience started as a salesperson selling Cutco kitchen knives, where he learned tried and true sales techniques and became a leader, leading his office to a top ten finish in the nation. He also took the Living Scriptures sales organization that had imploded, and was nearly out of business, and quickly rebounded the organization to over $3.5 million per year in just two short years.

Ryan and his wife Melissa founded Connection Publishing in 2016 and have grown it to include five local magazines, a digital marketing company, and are currently adding digital video marketing to their offerings. They have helped hundreds of clients achieve powerful results in their marketing efforts. 

Ryan and Melissa also recently launched, a meal plan and recipe website that makes family dinnertime easy. They include a lifetime of cooking and their history of published recipes from their magazines for the last six-plus years. If you struggle to decide what to make for dinner each night, visit for easy plans, grocery lists, and recipes.

Ryan also co-owns a Roof Maxx dealership with his son Koby. In their first full year of operating, they were able to accomplish just under $200,000 in sales. This year they plan to double their results. 

Ryan also is a public speaker and trainer. He gives a free copy of his book Marketing Playbook at his website, He also gives a free copy of the WHO, WHY, and WHERE worksheets, helping business owners discover their why and giving them the opportunity to make impactful changes in their marketing success.
Ryan is not a gatekeeper of knowledge or experience. He will help anyone, any time, for any reason. If you need help with sales or marketing, he is happy to help. 

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