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Entrepreneur Lunch and Learn

Free Event - Exclusively in Weber County

Don't miss this exclusive event held in Weber County UT for businesses seeking to grow and thrive. Featuring 3 local successful entrepreneurs and speakers. Shawn Finnegan, Debbie Hart, and Ryan Spelts. 

Lunch is provided free by Now CFO for those in attendance with limited seating please get your tickets below.

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Lunch Provided By

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Shawn Finnegan


Shawn Finnegan is a successful entrepreneur and business connection expert based in Utah, USA. He has made a name for himself through his innovative strategies and exceptional networking skills. Shawn's passion for entrepreneurship began at an early age, as he witnessed each of his parents run their own successful businesses. After completing his education at Utah State University, Shawn managed divisions in the corporate world before pursuing his own endeavors.


Being in the trenches of both massive and small businesses, Shawn has discovered that any company’s success hinges on its ability to nurture genuine connections. He focuses on building professional relationships that mutually benefit all involved, emphasizing the importance of being authentic and transparent in all business interactions.

Shawn is partnered with Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank and together they founded Tax Hive. He has about 17 different franchises a real estate portfolio a cabinet company and mortgage company he’s the founder of Coldpunge Studios etc. the list is quite extensive I often call him the Kevin O’Leary of Utah 

Debbie Hart


Debbie is the founder of Ignition Point: Ignition Point is an innovation and business hub for entrepreneurs.


Our vision is to establish access to entrepreneurship. We do so through podcast interviews, live events, online training, and providing resources and by relentlessly pursuing our mission to help entrepreneurs succeed so they can start and grow companies wherever they are located.  Entrepreneurs drive innovation, and, in turn, innovation drives our economic development. With intentional and targeted entrepreneurial support, an entire start-up ecosystem can be cultivated in a community, which will in turn drive economic growth and increase prosperity for people from all walks of life.


At Ignition Point, we nurture the entrepreneurial spirit and strive to promote diverse industries and promote collaboration.


We provide entrepreneurs with a collaborative and inclusive coworking space, mentorship, education and experiential learning, all while nurturing and developing the entrepreneurial community.

Ryan Spelts

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Ryan Spelts has spent 25 years in the trenches of direct sales and marketing small businesses. He has real-world knowledge of marketing strategies and tools because he uses them in his own businesses.


Ryan has amassed over $50 million in career sales, in fact; he helped one client achieve a $1 million sales day.

Ryan's expertise lies in traditional, and digital marketing, branding, direct response, social media, content creation, email, and video marketing. Ryan also loves to teach fellow entrepreneurs the tools and techniques they need to grow their businesses.


Ryan and his wife Melissa founded Connection Publishing in 2016 and have grown it to include local magazines and a digital marketing company. They have helped hundreds of clients achieve powerful results in their marketing efforts. Ryan also owns a local Roof Maxx Dealership with his oldest son and offers consulting and fractional CMO services. 

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Don't miss this exciting event in Ogden, UT. Created specifically for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Business people who want to succeed at the highest levels.



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