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Expertise to Get Things Right

I like to dress nice, but I don’t know the rules for dressing nice. Recently, I have been able to learn from a group of highly trained fashion experts. The first thing I learned is that I wear my pants too low on my waist, and secondly, I am buying my pants too long. The current style is not to have your pants bunch up at the bottom of the leg. If you pay attention to those things, you might notice it makes you look frumpy and can make you look shorter. Wearing pants too low on the waist makes your torso look really long. I have a long torso anyway, so it exaggerates it. 

There is something about putting on a custom-tailored suit, something special about how it makes you feel, which is more important than how it makes you look. There is a special slice of life that you experience when you don a great suit or outfit. It diminishes personal inadequacies and allows the light to shine through.

Some people dress to impress while others dress to feel their best. Most marketers use an emotionally manipulative undertone that seeks to separate a person from their money. The self-absorbed behavior of most companies focuses more on making themselves look good than on answering how they serve their WHO (ideal customer). Most companies and marketers are so self-absorbed that they attempt to talk their customers into spending money, and it can work to a limited extent. However, if it’s not like wearing a custom suit, it’s not great marketing. 

Ryan Spelts trying on a new suit jacket.
Ryan tries on some new threads.

Great marketing comes from inspiration, curiosity, and desire along with a willingness to be the answer for your clients’ needs. It has nothing to do with money or corporate undertones portrayed in a polished message. It has to do with capturing desire with emotion and inspiring authentic action. I do not have a fashion mind, however, I do have a marketing mind. That doesn’t mean I always know the exact messaging a client should use when marketing, but I do know how to find it. Start with WHO you serve, then go to WHY they do business with you and find unique creative ways to demonstrate that your company answers that question. Use imagery, video, and words that spark curiosity to help people realize that you solve their problems and that you really are there to help them because you really are the answer. 

While I am far from an expert in fashion and elegance, I am an expert in human behavior, messaging, and making real connections through marketing. My greatest strength by far is my unique ability to draw from experts in various fields to create the best messaging and approaches to inspire their WHO. No one knows your business better than you. The answer to great marketing begins with the people who know their business best.

A great plan requires time to develop and execute; these things don’t happen overnight. The first step is to make a plan. Then build a budget to get results, and create a lasting ability to attract and serve your ideal clientele and obtain continued growth.

The type of marketing isn’t the first question. The first question is “who do you serve”, and next “why do they do business with you?” You can use these tools to help you answer those questions.

Once you know your WHO and WHY, then you can ask, where should I be advertising? SEO, SEM, Programmatic, Geo-targeting, Social Media Ads, Organic Social Media, Email, Video, Streaming, Etc. Those are all delivery platforms and you should focus first on the message. If you want to get your message right, we are here to help. Click here to book a free consultation. 


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