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$$ Dollar Signs in your Eyes! $$

$ In Your Eyes

Have you ever worked with a salesperson who it seemed just wasn’t listening to you?  The only thing it seems is that they want is your signature on the dotted line. Even a good salesperson can slip into this approach at times. It is called having dollar signs in your eyes.

As I stated in my last post, The 5 Reasons Someone isn’t selling are

  1. Not working

  2. Not Closing

  3. Not enough leads/ referrals

  4. Don’t believe enough

  5. Not following the demo

Today I will focus on #4.

Often when I talk to a sales rep who is struggling for money or suffering from low sales, I can usually see dollar signs in their eyes. I remember when my wife and I were newly married and were pretty hard up for money.  I used to look at people who could walk into a bank and get a loan to buy whatever they wanted with envy.  I thought it was ironic that the banks seem to only give money to those who don’t need it because they already had it.  I on the other hand really needed it but there wasn’t a bank around that would give it to me, which in hindsight was a credit to their wisdom. There are sales reps who feel just that way. They look at a top performer who seems to very easily get results when they don’t even need it. There is a very simple reason for this and I call it having dollar signs in their eyes. When a rep is trying to get a customer to buy for themselves and not for the customer’s best interest there is a problem and a disconnect. This disconnect is a lack of integrity. Integrity in selling is when the sales rep does what is best for the customer. Customers do not respond well to being treated as a commission.

Business woman looking up at light bulb with dollar sign inside it

Integrity! When a sales rep wants a customer to buy because they need the commission they are operating without integrity. They will push a customer into buying things or making decisions that may not be the best … for the customer. When a sales rep has the customer’s best interest in mind, they will help serve the customer and help them get the best option … for them.

This does not mean however that a sales rep doesn’t take control. A top sales professional will lead the conversation and buying process they will give recommendations and steer a customer towards a purchase. It also doesn’t mean that the rep doesn’t help a customer make a positive decision. If a sales rep has true integrity they will only sell something that they really believe in and that they feel will enrich the lives of those that purchase. That is the very definition of a salesperson. One with enthusiasm (the last four letters in enthusi.a.s.m. I am sold myself).

A rep’s attitude toward the customer is the key here. When a salesperson truly cares about their customer and honestly believes that their product is fantastic and worth the investment they are selling with integrity. When the rep believes that customers’ life will be enriched by making an investment in their product, they can put forth their very best effort in convincing a customer to purchase with integrity. This also means that they might not make a sale when it is the right decision not to.

You can always tell when you work with a salesperson who has dollar signs in their eyes because it feels like they are forcing you to make a decision. You will feel pushed by them. On the other hand, when you work with a salesperson of integrity, you will feel like they are on your side. When done with the purchase you will feel excited because the rep will have transferred their enthusiasm for the product to you.

If you are a salesperson and you can feel the dollar signs in your eyes here is the process to change your attitude.

  1. Remember why you started selling your product.  Why did you think it was worth your time and energy? Why are you sold on the product?

  2. Look at customers in the eyes and remember, they are someone’s mom, sister, wife, brother husband, etc.  Treat them as you would treat your family.  Don’t see them as a paycheck see them as a person who could benefit from owning your product.

  3. Start building more rapport.  Get to know people better and try to deliver what they want and need.

Zig Ziglar taught that if you help enough people get what they want. You will get what you want.

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