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The Little Bakery - A Tale of how to get your Brand Story to Stand Out.

Once upon a time, in a bustling town filled with hurried steps and countless choices, stood a small, quaint bakery named "The Little Bakery.” Owned by Maya, a passionate baker with a warm smile and dreams as lofty as her soufflés, the bakery offered the most delightful pastries one could ever taste. However, nestled among numerous eateries and flashy cafes, The Little Bakery struggled to capture the town's attention and business was slow.


Maya knew her bakery's story was special. It wasn't just about selling bread and cakes; it was about crafting moments of joy, one baked good at a time, using recipes passed down from her grandmother. Maya’s favorite moments growing up were side by side with her grandmother crafting delicious baked goods. She wanted everyone to know not just what she sold, but why it mattered.


She began by telling her story to every customer who walked in, but noticed that despite her efforts, the influx of new faces was slow. It seemed as if her message, as heartfelt as it was, was getting lost in the noise of the world outside of her bakery's doors.


Undeterred, Maya decided that if she truly wanted to stand out, she would need to get the community to remember and repeat her brand story, even when they weren’t in her shop. She realized that she needed to stand out, to get attention in a busy world. She believed that the story of her recipes and the love of baking she discovered with her grandmother was the special sauce she needed. 


Knowing her unique story was the key, she began to weave her story into every facet of her bakery. She started posting daily to social media about her grandmother's old recipes, telling stories of the laughter, successes, and failures that filled her kitchen, and the joy of baking. Each post was a repetition of her brand's essence. She did not shy away from repetition and ran many of the posts over and over again with little alteration. 


Next, Maya redesigned her packaging, incorporating snippets of her story, an image portraying the essence of her grandma, and the love that went into each bake. Emails to her subscribers weren't just offers and updates but included little tales of her baking adventures and discoveries of new flavors and techniques, reinforcing the narrative of passion and tradition.


At the bakery, customers were greeted not just with the smell of fresh baked goods but with stories displayed on the walls, telling of the bakery's origins, Maya's journey, and the magic behind the recipes.


Change didn't happen overnight. It took many months of repeating her story, improving the narrative, posts, packaging, emails, and conversations, before the tide began to turn. Slowly, the community started to echo Maya's tales. People didn't just come for the pastries; they came for the stories, the warmth, and the connection they felt with a small bakery that had a big heart.


One day, a regular customer remarked, "You know, I've heard your story so many times all over town. Everyone in town loves telling your stories when serving your yummy treats.” That's when Maya knew her efforts had paid off. Her brand story had woven itself into the fabric of the community, memorable and cherished because of—not in spite of—its repetition.


Maya's tale is a testament to the power of repetition in storytelling and branding. It teaches us that in a world brimming with information and choices — consistency, persistence, and repetition are not just strategies but necessities. By tirelessly sharing her brand story, Maya didn't just reach her audience; she resonated with them, turning her small bakery into a landmark of shared memories and community.


Business owners, people may not remember every detail you share, but through consistency, repetition, and long-term effort, your brand's essence becomes a familiar, comforting presence, leading to lasting connections and loyalty. People are not paying as close of attention to you as you might think, so repeat, repeat, and repeat again. Define your message, then say it over and over again.


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